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  • Changzhou Kangrui Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
    Changzhou Kangrui Chemicals Co.,Ltd.(shorted by “KR”) is located in Changzhou, a city in East China, which is called “Dragon City”. The company occupies a floor area of 15 hectares, and we have invested a lot in such typical chemical reactions such as hydrogenation & reducing reaction, oxidizing reaction, cyanidation reaction, hydrolysis, nitrosation, esterification, rearrangemen. We have owned about 500 sets of reaction equipments, which are 1001-1, 0001, 1, 0001-12, 0001 and 100001-400, 0001. In addition, we boast many invention patents and are capable of the recovery and processing of cyanides, inorganic salt and organic solvents. The company also boasts many top professionals and technicians. It has widely established cooperative relations...  
    4-oxo-5-Methyl-2-pyrazinecarboxylic acid (Acipimox)
    Folic acid
    Methyl chloroacetate
    Ethyl cyanoacetate
    Methyl Cyanoacetate
    Methyl Cyanoacetate
    Address: Baizhang town, Xinbei district, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
    Zip Code: 213034
    Tel: +86-519-85860337 , 85860176 , 85862658 , 85862369-8000
    Fax: +86-519-85387319
    E-mail: krchem@krchem.com , zld@krchem.com
    Web: www.wiwine.cn
    @krchem.com P.W.:
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